Ryoya Kawai

Hi, I'm Ryoya Kawai !!

I am working as R&D Manager at musical instrument manufactuere. Howevenr, lots of my skills are basically coming from web technology because I had belonged to the division to develop new internet business as a software engineer as both frontend and backend for around 10 years. From several years ago, I am participating audio working group at W3C(World Wide Web Consortium). The mission of audio working group is to discus/define the API for audio and for musical instrument connection(MIDI). What I am mostly doing there is to become a bridge between musical instruments manufacturer and other IT industry especially browser vendor to give them enough information to define specs.

Basically I love to see the web become a strong platform for making application for all purpose. And I would like to spend my time for making the web forward, as much as I can do.

How to pronounce ‘Ryoya’

Please pronounce just like ‘Rio-Ya’!!

What I did in past

  • Web Frontend Development
    • to design UX and to implement device configuration site
    • to design architecture and to implement component for specific musical instrument devices
    • to develop library for MIDI devices as open source project
  • Serverside Development
    • to renewal B2C membership(60k members) site(server side rendering)
    • to add/to maintain several payment methods
    • to design archtecture and to implement data administration site
    • to design archtecture and to implement batch system for user data synchronization
    • data consolidation several daatabases (over 100k records)
    • Salesforce integration
  • Technological advocacy activity
    • to hold hack-a-thon for Web Audio API, Web MIDI API (5 times in Japan, 1 time in China)
    • to have session at HTML5 related conference


  • JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, Python
  • 3D Printing
  • Hardware prototyping with Arduino
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